Dan Kassel was raised in Hopewell Borough. He attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2007. His lifelong love of drawing and inventing imaginative characters led him to major in illustration, where he developed his visual style and gravitated towards screen printing. For years, Dan sold his screen printed tee shirts through craft fairs and online. His classical training on the cello during childhood and his involvement with chamber ensembles and the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County ensured that music would be a significant part of his life, as well. It wasn't until 2009 that Dan rediscovered the cello after 4 years of focusing on world percussion. Determined to use the cello as a vehicle for the soulful harmonies and rhythms that dwell within him, Dan set to work on developing an unforgettable live performance with cello and looping station. His dedication and practice caught on, and Dan went on to record two solo albums and garner press attention from Philadelphia's WXPN, NJ.com and other music blogs. His collaborations include forays into electronica, metal, symphonic rock, new age and north Indian classical, and he has performed extensively across Philly, NJ and NY. Dan is also an inspiring cello teacher who pushes his students to understand and practice the fundamentals of technique and theory while learning the value and freedom of improvisation. Travels through India and Nepal have shaped Dan's musical and spiritual views, and he is overjoyed to have the opportunity to share the wonders of art and music in his beautiful hometown.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kaitlin Deering Kassel was inspired from a young age by the dramatic spectacles of nature that define the southwestern plains. Her work encompasses the dichotomy of harmony and unrest that is inherent in the natural world. Bold, sweeping colors and textures make way to airy, celestial backdrops, and viewers feel more as if they are falling into a space and entering another world than simply looking at a piece of art. Kaitlin has always been a natural artist, honing her talents into the large-scale paintings that define her signature style. Having held solo exhibitions throughout NJ and Philadelphia, she has successfully sold a large body of her work to private buyers and continues to pump out new work to adorn the walls of many an establishment. Kaitlin has also painted and drawn many designs for silk screen, and her work can be spotted on tee shirts, tote bags, scarves, dresses and shoes. Her work with puffy paint on shoes and dresses has caught the attention of many, shattering the notion that such a medium couldn't transcend child's play. She is pleased to be able to share her talents with the community through workshops and showings, and strives to let the inner artist in all of us shine forth.


Together, Dan and Kaitlin have traveled all throughout SE Asia, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Mexico and the USA. They have hiked over 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail through California,150 miles of the Oregon Coast Trail, and many hundreds of miles through the Himalayas and Appalachia. Their love of adventure and the outdoors made their friends and family wonder if they'd ever settle down. With their hearts set on manifesting what they want to see in the world, and with an uncompromising desire to forsake the confines of a 9-5 lifestyle, Dan and Kaitlin found the perfect place to establish their dreams in one beautiful home; a place they like to call the Hopewell Creative Arts Studio.