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ArtEmotionImpact: Adult and Teen Art Class Series with Johanna Furst

Art Emotion Impact

Artist workshop series for Adults and Teens

Artistic creation is a potentially rich form of expression, exploring deep passions, discomforts, and curiosities. This class will empower students to turn their concerns about what matters to them most into art with an impact. Each student will work from subject matter that moves them personally--be it highly personal, political, or somewhere in between -- to express their heart in its most true form.  The environment, sexuality, the beauty of a garden, or well-being of a pet — the list is endless, and there is no right or wrong subject.

 In addition to expression, this class will also focus on drawing and painting in oils, building wooden canvases, color and composition.  Students will also be using a variety of other materials depending on their subject matter.  No experience necessary.  Creations may be beautiful, disturbing, contemplative, or mysterious.  

About Johanna Furst:

I am an artist.  I have been painting with oils for over 15 years, creating installations for over 5 years, and I also have a great love for typography and design.  As a teacher, I’m drawn to tapping into each person’s truth in expression.  Not what a piece should look like, but what it feels like.  In addition to teaching students about drawing, painting, color, and composition, I am primarily interested in encouraging students to explore their own hearts and extract their feelings out onto the canvas.  Juxtaposing the work of youth and adults allows us to see the contrast behind life experiences while fostering dialogue between them.  I have 3 teenagers and teach the elderly, so I am keenly aware of the wealth such dialogue provides.

check out Johanna's work www.

7 weeks (no class week of July 4)

June 22 - August 10

9:30 - 12 noon

$210 Class +  $20 materials fee

$28 drop-in Fee