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Collaging with Kaitlin

Collaging with Kait


Kaitlin Deering will be leading this Collage Painting class, where students are encouraged to use any and all materials to create their own masterpieces. Like abstract painting, collage painting is highly personal and there is no real wrong way to go about it. There are, however, specific techniques for achieving a desired effect, and Kaitlin will lead students in the different ways to go about this fun medium. All tools will be included, such as acrylic paint, glue, brushes, magazines to take imagery from, other multimedia tools and a 16x20” canvas on which to paint. Students should bring any of their own magazines, pictures, and other personal collage items if they’d like to further personalize their pieces of art. Aside from that, be prepared to bring your favorite bottle, tea, or snacks, some friends and the desire to express yourselves onto canvas!

Thursday October 19th

Ages 11 and up

7-9 p.m


Please register in advance so materials can be accounted for