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The Art of Meditation Series

Wednesdays in March- The Art of Meditation


When we Meditate the Body Heals,

the Heart finds Relief

the Mind Calms Down

and the Spirit Soars”

Suryavan Solar


Come and find Healing, Relief, Calm and Spiritual Growth practicing Meditation and engaging in nourishing discussions.


If you are curious, a beginner, or you always wanted to meditate but did not know how... We will hold your hand! Our variety of tools and techniques are easy to follow and will help you to enter quickly into a meditative state.

If you are experienced meditator come deepen your practice and please come share with us!  Meditation never hurts and it creates positive energy for the entire planet.

We are a Growing and Vibrant Community of Spiritual Seekers in the heart of Hopewell.

During these sessions you will:

  • Learn and practice different Meditation Techniques from different traditions (Buddhist, Vedic, Shamanic, Sufism, Osho School and more.)

  • Learn that Meditation is more than just siting down and that it can actually be really fun. Sometimes we will dance or chant in order to put you into a meditative state effortlessly.

  • Recharge your Body and Soul

  • Feel Safe in a Judgement-Free and Sacred Space.

  • Ask and share meaningful discussions with our growing community

  • Make new friends that share the passion for Self-Discovery!


Meditations lead by Manitari, Founder of

About Manitari

Living in the wonderful city of Paris, France, and even thought she had started practicing Hatha Yoga at the age of 12, Manitari found herself depressed looking for a deeper sense of life. This took her to the Andes mountains in South America for a Silent Retreat in the Nature. With little food, water and shelter she realized her true calling: to achieve her highest spiritual potential and to help other to do the same. Since then she dedicated her life to serve the world as a healer, coach, spiritual event organizer and meditation teacher.

Study and certification fields: Leadership, Coaching, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon Buddhism & Dzogchen (with Lama Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche), Sufism, teachings of Osho & Active Meditations, Shamanic Meditation and Healing Techniques.

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The Art of Meditation Series