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Guided Meditation with John Windwalker

Life is Change.


Each of us is something much greater than we believe ourselves to be. We can choose to completely change every aspect of our current life, the life we have created. When you’ve had enough of the old ‘you’ and are ready to demand that your life change for the better, more positive, more abundant, more successful and more loving, please join us. We are creating a new community for the new you.


We’ll practice the simple and quiet “Foundations of Living a Genuine Life”, guided meditations that can help you tap into your unlimited and emerging True Self. By practicing these meditations daily, you can become the True You who you know yourself to be, the True You that you can no longer live without.

Metaphysical teacher, practicing clairvoyant, healer, channel and author, John Windwalker, offers a rare class tailored to revealing and supporting your True Self. His twice-monthly class includes every basic visualization and meditation technique you will need to positively impact and change your life. His teaching includes Grounding in the Present Moment, Energetic Protection, Creating Your Secret Place, Repairing Your Aura, Chakra Maintenance, The Art of Separation, Removing Energy Cords and Negative Attachments, Banishing Fear, Developing a Consciousness of Prosperity and Abundance, Developing a Relationship with your Soul, and many other tools that will positively support the New True You, now and throughout your life.

John Windwalker and Jamila Hammad's new book, “Shake Like a Mad Drum” the Eternal Friendship of Rumi and Shams, is available through and

Every other Wednesday Evening 7:00-8:00 PM Donation is $20 per class. Comfortable attire. A quiet and safe place for all.  

Earlier Event: December 19
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